I began my journey as a massage practitioner over twenty years ago. Since the beginning I have studied many modalities building my technique as a integrated body worker. My work consists of listening to the body allowing and guiding it to relax, release tension, emotion and to realign to a healthy state.

One of my passions is to teach others how to maintain health and the messages the body relays through unhealthy states. Some of the ways I do this are Reiki, awareness of the chakra system and touching into the memory of the soul. The body desires to be healthy wanting to hold that perfect state, understanding what that means to you is the first step.

Of course the application of massage for relaxation and to relieve sore muscles can be very healing also. A relaxed body is a happy body.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for its cosmetic, spiritual and emotional uplifting properties.

Young Living have always been at the forefront of organic essential oils for massage, aromatherapy and mind/body wellness.

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