Elaine (Laney) Floriolli

C.M.T., Reiki Master/Teacher, C.C.T., Soul Coach

I was led to massage and energy work for my personal healing. I believe that because of these experiences, I am able to find the root of discomfort in my clients. I specialize in a wide range of modalities from relaxation massage, energy work to deep tissue, hot stone massage, and aromatherapy. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, also trained in Cranial-Sacral therapy, the work I do treats the client on many levels: mental, emotional and physical. With over 23 years of experience doing massage I have worked with a variety of clients to relieve pain and discomfort providing relaxation and balance in their lives.

I have added Massage Cupping to my list of modalities. I find that it can improve your health and provide many benefits. It’s like an inverse massage, rather than applying pressure suction is used to pull the skin tissue and muscle upward. The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation, help relieve pain and pull out toxins that linger in the body’s tissue. This technique can be added to a massage or an entire session with the cups.

Another life changing program I facilitate is Soul Coaching. Soul Coaching is a transformational way of removing the clutter which stands in the way of the body reconnecting with your inner knowledge. This connection can help in healing old wounds and show you the path of your soul. It is a tool that can be used over again and again. Part of the work is done through the Soul Journey, a guided meditation taking you to your inner realms to gather the information the soul has in store.

The Soul knows the truth.
-Denise Linn