Rei energy of a higher source

Ki energy of life

Together they create Universal life force energy, bringing balance to your life.

Energy is continually flowing through us. By studying Reiki you can increase the flow of energy reconnecting to Source producing healing on many levels. Reiki is intelligent energy and flows where it is needed without direction, it can do no harm.

  • Reiki I is basically for self-healing, but can be practice on others with much success.
  • Level II you begin to learn symbols and how to do distance healing.
  • Level III you learn the rest of the symbols and other techniques for sending healing.
  • Reiki Master is an intense class where you learn to give attunements and how to teach a class.

After each level there is a 21 day integration period one of the exercises to incorporate during is reciting the Reiki Principles. These principles can be used by anyone. With repetition they become instilled within bringing peace and a deeper understanding of purpose. When applied each day it rekindles the remembering within our true nature. I invite you to make them a part of your daily practice.

Just for Today Do Not be Angry

Just for Today Do not Worry

Just for Today Be grateful for your many blessings

Just for Today Do your work with integrity

Just for Today Honor every living thing