How Can You Create Your Own Vision Board?

It can be simple or as elaborate as you wish. What do you want to bring into your life? A job? A place to live? A healthy lifestyle? An outcome to a situation? What are you passionate about?

My first one was cut out pics placed in an envelope and taken out once a week. It can be one picture on your refrigerator. A phrase with pictures on a bulletin or magnetic board. Poster board is another good choice, this could also be framed. You could do it on your journal cover and place pictures throughout the pages writing your vision into reality. Remember to put energy into it, the feeling that it has already happened and is yours. Place it where you can see it, dream it into reality.

Years ago I was telling my sister how to make a board and my brother in law was listening to our conversation. She was doing hers on the bulletin board in her office when a post-it note magically appeared. My brother in law stuck it on there, it said “a better job”. It was about a week and a half later that he came home from work shortly after he left. “Your sister and her brilliant ideas. We’re all locked out the company closed down and didn’t tell anyone. Now I have to go find work.” I asked him what he meant by his post. He had always wanted to work for UPS and that’s what he was thinking when he wrote it. I told him to go fill out an application which he did that day. A few weeks later he got called for an interview sometime later he began working part time which developed into a full time position that he will be retiring from next year. Had the company he worked for not have closed he would have never gone to UPS, he would have stayed with the secure job afraid to make the change. Sometimes doors close so we take the steps to follow what our soul knows is possible.

What is your Soul telling you?

Another thing I forgot to mention in my last post. I usually say “this or something better”. There is always the possibility for more, don’t limit yourself.