Looking for a Picture This Morning

elaine floriolli

I was looking for a picture this morning for my website and what to my amazing eyes did appear? Tons of junk pictures. I’m guessing most of it came from my phone, they looked like ads for things I would never consider. So finally I’ve spent almost two hours repeating the motion of, right click, delete, yes.

How did it get there? Why hadn’t I removed it before? These little tasks sneak up on us and mount up into larger jobs and soon can feel like they are completely out of hand. Why do we keep all of the stuff we place in nice neat piles to look at later? Or the objects we know as soon as we throw them away we will need them. Will we? Coming from a family that experienced the practices of living through the depression everything was completely inspected to evaluate its worth then and only then could it be moved often being moved to another location to be examined again to make the final decision of its future use.

Don’t get me wrong I believe in recycling but isn’t that the process of letting go and allowing someone else to use what no longer serves you?

The thought that just popped into my head is of emotions. All of the stored up emotions that become a part of our internal makeup. In this case recycling may not be all that healthy. Do you hold old emotion that causes you pain? Reliving the hurt over and over again? How much inner space could be created by putting that emotion down, not picking it up again, making space to heal, making space to change our outlook, in turn change our life.

The Soul yearns for that healthy state of being giving us hints along the way. If you could rid yourself of 10 pieces of paper today, delete 20 emails, get rid of that pair of shoes that hurt your feet, what an accomplishment that would be, don’t you agree? What if you could let go of that one thought that plays in your head over and over again? Or maybe just change the way you feel about it, could that give you enough space to heal it?

These are some of my insights for myself as I continue to expand knowing I’ve outgrown many things internally and externally. What small step or huge leap can you take today? What’s been replaying in your life that you have the strength to say this no longer serves me I’m putting it down right here and now. I’m moving on. I’m smiling thinking of you doing this. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of me.