Creating Balance

Balance is something I desire to obtain. Weather physically, mentally or energetically I search for that central place of being. That place of peace, joy and sometimes even a place void of pain. How does one maintain balance when with each breath, each movement it feels as though something is attempting to move one from center. Is it only a temporary state? What comes to mind is walking a tightrope. Can you imagine being suspended above the ground? Well maybe first overcoming the fear of heights, the fear of falling, what’s next?

Standing with two feet on the ground I see myself taking a deep breath, my body lengthening, standing tall. In my minds eye I envision the freedom of being in balance, the strength of having energy running up and down my spine liberating any blockages just perfectly flowing energy. I then begin to focus on where I wish to go, I choose a destination in my mind, inhale and move one foot forward the first step of the journey.

How would my body be moving if I wasn’t focusing on balance? I immediately feel the slight tilt to the right my shoulder dropping down and back, my head falling somewhat forward and then my spine begins to twist. My energy level drops moving forward it feels like an effort taking me immediately into a sense of fatigue. Thoughts of exhaustion fill me requiring a great deal to labor forward. Is this how I carry myself on most days, the unconscious motion with lack of alignment and the tendency to push through?

Today I will with clarity stretch my body inhaling on the way up, exhaling allowing it to settle into a beautiful erect position. I feel the intensity and potency of being in balance. It creates a direction in my mind that I know will enable me to achieve my destination catching myself to along the way, coming back to center with my breath. I will maintain this state in my mind as I proceed with my day.

I anticipate you finding balance today and feeling the symmetry it creates around you.