A Meditation of Remembering

purple flowers

Sitting in meditation today, in my minds eye, I saw a young curly haired girl her eyes fixed on something in the distance. A far away magical gaze holding a reality only she could see. A knowing of what could be. Oh, the imagination of a young child, the hopes longing to be the way they dreamed it to be.

Do you ever sit listening to that haunting inner voice whispering the yearnings of your soul? Taunting you to step out of the loop and do something you believed was possible before everyone told you it can’t be done?

Sitting here I begin to follow that thread of knowing deep into my body, searching for the feeling that was there so long ago. The knowledge of how it would all unfold. Searching for that spark which held the promise of tomorrow, the promise I could make it all right.

On my inner journey, I begin to move through the layers of my existence past the scars of heartache, past the wounds of unkind words. I move through my defenses some of them gallant, some harsh, some downright ugly. I feel the walls of protection, the subtle areas of blocked energy some letting me remember, others unrecognizable to me possibly by choice.

I begin to visualize a light about 12 inches above my head. I move my gaze to the top of my head and open my crown chakra. Once opened I feel the warmth of the light above as it begins to move into my body. This light slowly flows into each cell relaxing and nurturing me along the way. If I feel resistance I take a breath recognize the block and move on. The light continues to fill me gently washing through me and out the bottoms of my feet, out my fingertips. Another wave enters continuing to flow washing over the resistant places urging them to dissipate. I continue this process until I realize I’m just sitting relaxed. I breathe deeply. I reach my hands above my head bringing them out to my side and down in front of me sealing off my field. I feel refreshed.

A glimpse of the young girl from long ago and her dream enter my awareness. I think to myself, ah yes I did achieve that dream. With a feeling of satisfaction, I move to today’s task at hand.

Is it possible for you to recapture a dream, some remembering of your soul to be nurtured and brought back fulfilling what your spirit knows as your true essence? Embrace the healing light, let move in, through and around you. Be who you were meant to be.