Healing Waters


If you are working with me this week we are on week two, water. What form does water take when you think of it? Ocean, stream, river, lake, running from a tap, a fountain?

Often I think of Emoto’s work and how water affects our bodies, it is the principal component of our being. What does it look like as our mood changes? How do our words or the words of others affect us?

How we can shift when exposed to music, prayer, traffic, arguing?

Can we change our makeup by praying, charging or labeling a glass of water before drinking it? Can we overcome disease? What if each sip of water we consume is charged with love, gratitude or happiness?

Something to think about.

Below are two links to Emoto’s work. I hope you can take the time to enjoy them.

May you drink healing water throughout the day recharging and healing your body.