Elaine (Laney) Floriolli

Reiki Master/Teacher, Soul Coach®, Intuitive

I was led to massage and energy work for my personal healing. I believe that because of these experiences, I am able to find the root of discomfort in my clients. I specialized in a wide range of modalities from relaxation massage, energy work to deep tissue, hot stones, and aromatherapy. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, also trained in Cranial-Sacral therapy and Somatic Release. I have treated my clients on many levels: mental, emotional and physical.

My studies with several Shamanic healers brought another diverse level of knowledge to deepen my understanding of clearing and connecting the wounded soul. Acknowledging past lives, clarification through extracting stuck energy, showing others how to call in their spirit helpers and teaching them how to journey for answers are just a few.

To extend my coaching capabilities I became a Soul Coach®. Soul Coaching can transform one’s life by removing the clutter which stands in the way of the body reconnecting with your inner knowing. This association can help in the healing process and show you the path of your soul. It is a process that can be used over again and again. There are many ways of approaching this work allowing you to reach your inner depths of self-discovery.

At this stage in my life I’m focusing on teaching Reiki with classes both virtual and in person. I am taking clients for coaching online and by telephone. I also do intuitive readings over the telephone. Other classes can be scheduled upon request.

“The Soul Coaching class was a highlight in my day. The emails offered thoughtful insights that set the tone for my state of mind, grounding me. Not just light weight affirmations but deep soulful connections, inspiring me in meaningful ways, as I move through my life.” – Sue Seecof, Soul Coaching participant

“Elaine’s teaching ability surpassed my expectations. I participated in her Reiki classes, and found her transmission to be powerful. Her tarot readings have been very helpful and accurate.” – Martha Fischer