Your Presence Can Make a Change

kindness heartDo we ever really know the impact we have on others? A smile when walking past someone, saying hello to a stranger, holding open a door, a simple nod of recognition. Simple pleasantries that may change the course of a day for you, a loved one, a friend or even a stranger.

It was my first Christmas after my divorce I was off to the mall my list in hand to keep me on track with my shopping. I wasn’t looking forward to the crowds and I had some apprehensions about my strict budget, but I was determined to do the best I could. First thing on my list, a new sofa. I knew exactly what I wanted. I walked into the store and there it was, a cream colored camel back with a soft floral print. Made to order, it was perfect and could be delivered in a few days. My heart leaped with joy this was going to be a good day.

I methodically went through my list, my angels must have been with me because each item on the list just magically appeared. I then decided to get some lunch in the food court. To my dismay, tray in hand there was no where to sit. I spotted a woman sitting alone, I approached her and asked if she would mind sharing her table. She nodded and I sat down. She seemed sad and lost in her thoughts. I slowly started a conversation about the weather, how busy the mall was, then what I really wanted to say, how I couldn’t believe my luck about finding everything on my list without searching. My enthusiasm was bubbling over so I continued to tell her about the cookies I planned to bake that evening and so on and so on. Finally, I came up for air and noticed she was smiling. She said I wasn’t in much of a mood for Christmas this year, I’ve experienced a lot of loss and have been feeling quite sad, but you’ve changed that for me. I’m glad you came to share my table. She told me of some of the hardships she had faced and decided it was time for a change of attitude. We finished our meals, wished each other a Merry Christmas and went our separate ways.

Next, I was off to purchase a few special cards. The massive selection was daunting but I found the correct section and focused in. I then heard a young gentleman say my friend wants to wish you a Merry Christmas. Looking down there was a young man in a wheelchair typing out Merry Christmas so I could hear it. I smiled and wished him the same. Once I paid for my purchases I was again drawn to the young man walking over to him I placed my hand on his shoulder and said, thank you.

After getting into my car I sat for a moment feeling an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the way my day had unfolded and the angels I had meant along the way, the sad ones, the happy ones and the ones peacefully moving through the crowd giving an occasional nod to let me know they were aware of me and to remind me the power of a smile.

Do we ever really know the difference our presence makes? Pick yourself up, point the corners of your mouth in an upward position, stand tall and allow the magic of you to brush off the world around you. You do make a difference every day. Be kind, walk with a gentle strength, smile and that will create a beautiful space rippling out and then coming back to you. Breathe and enjoy life.


Speaking to the Elements

fire-air-water-earthWe gathered for Woman’s Drumming Circle last night, a group of beautiful insightful women, all a bit weary of the happenings of the world. Calling in the directions and our helpers we settled in for the work at hand. We journeyed to the elements asking what they needed to tell us and they replied.

Fire responded it was here to cleanse and clear negativity bringing forth new growth.

Earth asked that we use our thoughts and words to manifest love, harmony, joy and peace, allow it to grow.

Water spoke of going with the flow and the cycles of water being evaporated, becoming clouds, then rain returning to earth.

Air asked that we sing and make joyous sounds to be carried on the wind.

How do the elements speak to you?

We also talked about the power of our words, how a slight change can create positive results. I realized last week when talking to my grandsons in the morning saying, “hurry or you’re going to be late” reinforcing the “being late”. I started saying, “hurry so you can be on time”, they have left early everyday since. What words do we repeat to ourselves daily? What patterns do we repeat because of our inner dialog?

A recent Facebook post from Sonia Choquette she stated the attitude of being grateful and how the vibration of saying the word grateful out loud changes your inner vibration to attract gratitude. She suggests we say it 30 times a day. I for one shall bring my awareness to saying it.

How does the earth manifest what we are saying? Last week there was an oil coming up out of the earth from a pipeline. Speaking with a friend she asked, “I wonder what would happen if we imagined a strong pipeline that would be safe for all beings and the earth?” I wonder? How do the elements reflect our casual words?

Thoughts to ponder. What are we really saying with our daily chatter? What does your body need to hear? What do the elements need to hear? Are you on board with creating positive change through the vibration of your words?

Healing Waters

If you are working with me this week we are on week two, water. What form does water take when you think of it? Ocean, stream, river, lake, running from a tap, a fountain?

Often I think of Emoto’s work and how water affects our bodies, it is the principal component of our being. What does it look like as our mood changes? How do our words or the words of others affect us?

How we can shift when exposed to music, prayer, traffic, arguing?

Can we change our makeup by praying, charging or labeling a glass of water before drinking it? Can we overcome disease? What if each sip of water we consume is charged with love, gratitude or happiness?

Something to think about.

Below are two links to Emoto’s work. I hope you can take the time to enjoy them.

May you drink healing water throughout the day recharging and healing your body.;_ylt=AwrJ7JpLgMtawcAAJWBXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEya24yZHA5BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjUxOTVfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=emoto&fr=mcafee

A Meditation of Remembering

Sitting in meditation today, in my minds eye, I saw a young curly haired girl her eyes fixed on something in the distance. A far away magical gaze holding a reality only she could see. A knowing of what could be. Oh, the imagination of a young child, the hopes longing to be the way they dreamed it to be.

Do you ever sit listening to that haunting inner voice whispering the yearnings of your soul? Taunting you to step out of the loop and do something you believed was possible before everyone told you it can’t be done?

Sitting here I begin to follow that thread of knowing deep into my body, searching for the feeling that was there so long ago. The knowledge of how it would all unfold. Searching for that spark which held the promise of tomorrow, the promise I could make it all right.

On my inner journey, I begin to move through the layers of my existence past the scars of heartache, past the wounds of unkind words. I move through my defenses some of them gallant, some harsh, some downright ugly. I feel the walls of protection, the subtle areas of blocked energy some letting me remember, others unrecognizable to me possibly by choice.

I begin to visualize a light about 12 inches above my head. I move my gaze to the top of my head and open my crown chakra. Once opened I feel the warmth of the light above as it begins to move into my body. This light slowly flows into each cell relaxing and nurturing me along the way. If I feel resistance I take a breath recognize the block and move on. The light continues to fill me gently washing through me and out the bottoms of my feet, out my fingertips. Another wave enters continuing to flow washing over the resistant places urging them to dissipate. I continue this process until I realize I’m just sitting relaxed. I breathe deeply. I reach my hands above my head bringing them out to my side and down in front of me sealing off my field. I feel refreshed.

A glimpse of the young girl from long ago and her dream enter my awareness. I think to myself, ah yes I did achieve that dream. With a feeling of satisfaction, I move to today’s task at hand.

Is it possible for you to recapture a dream, some remembering of your soul to be nurtured and brought back fulfilling what your spirit knows as your true essence? Embrace the healing light, let move in, through and around you. Be who you were meant to be.

Creating Balance

Balance is something I desire to obtain. Weather physically, mentally or energetically I search for that central place of being. That place of peace, joy and sometimes even a place void of pain. How does one maintain balance when with each breath, each movement it feels as though something is attempting to move one from center. Is it only a temporary state? What comes to mind is walking a tightrope. Can you imagine being suspended above the ground? Well maybe first overcoming the fear of heights, the fear of falling, what’s next?

Standing with two feet on the ground I see myself taking a deep breath, my body lengthening, standing tall. In my minds eye I envision the freedom of being in balance, the strength of having energy running up and down my spine liberating any blockages just perfectly flowing energy. I then begin to focus on where I wish to go, I choose a destination in my mind, inhale and move one foot forward the first step of the journey.

How would my body be moving if I wasn’t focusing on balance? I immediately feel the slight tilt to the right my shoulder dropping down and back, my head falling somewhat forward and then my spine begins to twist. My energy level drops moving forward it feels like an effort taking me immediately into a sense of fatigue. Thoughts of exhaustion fill me requiring a great deal to labor forward. Is this how I carry myself on most days, the unconscious motion with lack of alignment and the tendency to push through?

Today I will with clarity stretch my body inhaling on the way up, exhaling allowing it to settle into a beautiful erect position. I feel the intensity and potency of being in balance. It creates a direction in my mind that I know will enable me to achieve my destination catching myself to along the way, coming back to center with my breath. I will maintain this state in my mind as I proceed with my day.

I anticipate you finding balance today and feeling the symmetry it creates around you.

Looking for a Picture This Morning

I was looking for a picture this morning for my website and what to my amazing eyes did appear? Tons of junk pictures. I’m guessing most of it came from my phone, they looked like ads for things I would never consider. So finally I’ve spent almost two hours repeating the motion of, right click, delete, yes.

How did it get there? Why hadn’t I removed it before? These little tasks sneak up on us and mount up into larger jobs and soon can feel like they are completely out of hand. Why do we keep all of the stuff we place in nice neat piles to look at later? Or the objects we know as soon as we throw them away we will need them. Will we? Coming from a family that experienced the practices of living through the depression everything was completely inspected to evaluate its worth then and only then could it be moved often being moved to another location to be examined again to make the final decision of its future use.

Don’t get me wrong I believe in recycling but isn’t that the process of letting go and allowing someone else to use what no longer serves you?

The thought that just popped into my head is of emotions. All of the stored up emotions that become a part of our internal makeup. In this case recycling may not be all that healthy. Do you hold old emotion that causes you pain? Reliving the hurt over and over again? How much inner space could be created by putting that emotion down, not picking it up again, making space to heal, making space to change our outlook, in turn change our life.

The Soul yearns for that healthy state of being giving us hints along the way. If you could rid yourself of 10 pieces of paper today, delete 20 emails, get rid of that pair of shoes that hurt your feet, what an accomplishment that would be, don’t you agree? What if you could let go of that one thought that plays in your head over and over again? Or maybe just change the way you feel about it, could that give you enough space to heal it?

These are some of my insights for myself as I continue to expand knowing I’ve outgrown many things internally and externally. What small step or huge leap can you take today? What’s been replaying in your life that you have the strength to say this no longer serves me I’m putting it down right here and now. I’m moving on. I’m smiling thinking of you doing this. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of me.

How Can You Create Your Own Vision Board?

It can be simple or as elaborate as you wish. What do you want to bring into your life? A job? A place to live? A healthy lifestyle? An outcome to a situation? What are you passionate about?

My first one was cut out pics placed in an envelope and taken out once a week. It can be one picture on your refrigerator. A phrase with pictures on a bulletin or magnetic board. Poster board is another good choice, this could also be framed. You could do it on your journal cover and place pictures throughout the pages writing your vision into reality. Remember to put energy into it, the feeling that it has already happened and is yours. Place it where you can see it, dream it into reality.

Years ago I was telling my sister how to make a board and my brother in law was listening to our conversation. She was doing hers on the bulletin board in her office when a post-it note magically appeared. My brother in law stuck it on there, it said “a better job”. It was about a week and a half later that he came home from work shortly after he left. “Your sister and her brilliant ideas. We’re all locked out the company closed down and didn’t tell anyone. Now I have to go find work.” I asked him what he meant by his post. He had always wanted to work for UPS and that’s what he was thinking when he wrote it. I told him to go fill out an application which he did that day. A few weeks later he got called for an interview sometime later he began working part time which developed into a full time position that he will be retiring from next year. Had the company he worked for not have closed he would have never gone to UPS, he would have stayed with the secure job afraid to make the change. Sometimes doors close so we take the steps to follow what our soul knows is possible.

What is your Soul telling you?

Another thing I forgot to mention in my last post. I usually say “this or something better”. There is always the possibility for more, don’t limit yourself.

Soul Coaching: Creating a Vision Board

Part of the Soul Coaching program is creating a Vision Board. Making a collage of what you want in your life. I have a story to share. Those of you that know me, yes, I always have a tale to tell.

Many years ago we moved into a big new house and we were going to get new furniture for the living room. I was in no hurry to fill it up with just anything. I had an idea of what I wanted and it wasn’t in any store that I was looking in. I began searching in catalogs and magazines. If I found a picture of something that came close to what I wanted I cut it out and placed it in my special drawer.

I had finally collected pictures of what I thought was the perfect living room. On Sunday mornings I would light a fire in the fireplace and sit down putting the pictures the way I visualized the placement of the furniture. I would sit having a cup of tea enjoying the feeling of my beautiful room. I imagined sitting with my family and friends. I imagined entertaining at the holidays.

Time passed and I began to find pieces that resembled what I wanted and purchased them as they showed up in my life. With each purchase came a sense of satisfaction. Gradually I had the room that I had envisioned.

One evening sitting around the fireplace with my family I hear my daughter gasp “oh my God”. Everyone looked up at her, “Mom, this room looks like the pictures you would place on the floor all the time.”

I smiled. Magic? Coincidence? I believe creating a board establishes focus on what we want keeping us aware of our desire. To look for what we want instead of focusing on what we are moving away from.

Magic? Well yes. I’ve always believed in magic don’t you?

Sometimes it happens in a blink of an eye other times it may take a bit longer. Enjoy each step of the adventure with a clear view of where you are going. Remove the clutter. Put some energy into your board. Don’t just slap something on for the sake of getting it done. Look at it, think about it, this is what you are creating for your future. Feel it in your Soul, let it grow, imagine. Let the magic in.

Heal Yourself with Reiki

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