Reiki Grid

This grid has been charged with Reiki symbols to alleviate pain, calm fears, raise vibrations and to bring one into balance. It is programmed to send healing, whether for you or someone else. It can be for an individual, group or a situation. Visualize placing your request in the grid to generate its healing energy. Open your heart and mind to its possibilities moving beyond all barriers.

May the love and peace of this healing energy create well-being and joy in all you do.

Elaine is an excellent coach, and personal trainer for spiritual practices. She strategically works in a higher level of consciousness, teaching, and deepening ones souls journey. She truly is an amazing guardian angel in the world!

She has the best hands for healing! She helps explain the process you will experience as you receive Reiki treatments. I’ve received numerous healing sessions that have helped me unraveling pain in my neck and shoulder. She helped me remove blockages and unwanted patterns within my physically and emotional body. She gently guided me to move forward with healthy habits in my best interest and for my highest good. She utilizes her healing hands in Reiki with a compassionate heart.

I recommend her for any Reiki training or teaching program. She has witnessed my own healing process, while becoming attuned to the Reiki practice. I am so grateful to have her guidance, friendship, laughter, and support. -Jess